DiamondGlow™ Facial MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL

diamondglow machine

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Purchase a NEXT LEVEL GRADE DiamondGlow Facial from AWARD WINNING CARE Plastic Surgery and receive a hand-crafted Beauty Bundle (valued up to $50) while supplies last! 

This prepaid treatment will never expire, but is for use AFTER 6/1/2021.

If this is to be used as a gift for another person, please indicate their name and phone number in the box during checkout! This will forfeit the package for the purchaser and be invoiced for the recipient. 


DiamondGlow™ Is the Next-level in  Multi-Tasking SkinTreatments

Clogged pores, dead skin, and bumpy texture have always been common skin issues; issues that can lead to full-on breakouts. Add a face mask or shields to the mix, and it’s no wonder the term “maskne” -- breakouts that are caused or exacerbated by facemasks -- is part of our 2020 vernacular. If you’re dealing with breakouts (or if uneven texture is making your fine lines really stand out!), a standard facial may not suffice. A little at-home exfoliation can help, but nothing compares to DiamondGlow’s™ three-in-one medical - grade approach at CARE Plastic Surgery. The customized aesthetic service uses a diamond-tip wand that simultaneously exfoliates skin, extracts debris, and infuses curated cosmetic treatment serums onto the skin. The result: Deeply cleansed and rejuvenated skin that glows. The treatment is customized to suit a broad range of skin types and skin issues. Consulting with your nurse injector or aesthetic provider at CARE will help determine whether you’re a candidate, and which of the bespoke treatments may best suit your needs.

DiamondGlow™ Is a Bespoke Treatment Customized for you by our CARE Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Team

DiamondGlow™ sloughs away the dead surface layer of skin with the diamond-tip wand. There are six different heads for your aesthetic specialist at CARE Plastic Surgery to choose from based on your unique skin type and complexion’s needs, ranging from a coarse tip for deeper face exfoliation to a smooth tip for sensitive areas. If you’re worried about the treatment being painful, don’t be: Many people actually find the experience to be so comfortable that it’s soothing.

DiamondGlow™ Is a Treatment That Shows You Real Results 

The evidence of DiamondGlow’s™ efficacy isn’t just on your face post-treatment (we’ll touch on that in a minute!). You’ll actually be able to see the dead skin and debris that’s been sucked from your pores, because the diamond-tip wand deposits all of that waste that’s been vacuumed into a jar for you to examine. And when you look in the mirror after your DiamondGlow™ treatment at CARE Plastic Surgery in Cary, NC, you’ll immediately notice a difference. In a clinical study*, 100% of participants (n=20) noted that their skin felt firmer, looked more radiant, and felt their skin was deeply cleansed immediately post-treatment. You’ll have instantly dewy, brighter skin with enhanced clarity and luminosity. But even better, you’ll see continued improvement with each subsequent treatment.

Prepaid packages cannot be split or transferred between patients. Purchase does not expire.

diamondglow machine