FaceTite™ Consultation

FaceTite™ is a minimally-invasive skin tightening procedure similar to BodyTite®. With tiny incisions, it can tighten and lift the skin of the neck and face using controlled heating to stimulate collagen production and reduce pockets of fat. FaceTite can be an excellent alternative to facelift or neck lift procedures which require more extensive skin excision and recovery. This option can produce excellent, refined results with just a single treatment session and can be a great option for patients who don’t require a surgical procedure yet.


FaceTite is an excellent option for refining your profile without excessive downtime or surgical risks. With a single treatment at our Cary office, you can achieve refreshed, lifted results. To get started and begin discussing your options with FaceTite, contact Care Plastic Surgery by calling or filling out our online form.

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